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Cost Segregation is the Hidden Gem that Enables Commercial Building Owners to Increase Current Cashflow Significantly through Accelerated Depreciation...         
Using the Unique Power of Cost Segregation and Bonus Depreciation, Keep Your Hard Earned Cash in Your Pocket Instead of Paying the I.R.S.!


 Now more than ever we know that commercial property owners like you are looking for opportunities to keep your businesses successful and take care of your families and your hard working employees during these uncertain times.   Cost segregation can be a PERFECT FINANCIAL SOLUTION for you as it can significantly increase your cash flow and allow you to keep YOUR MONEY invested in your business. 
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"Cost Segregation is a lucrative Tax Strategy that should be used in almost every purchase of commercial real estate." - Internal Revenue Service
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Our Process
1.  Cost segregation allows you to depreciate your building quicker.

2.  This means you get more tax deductions NOW, rather than over the traditional 39 years for commercial buildings and 27.5 for residential rental property.
3.  Use this increased cash flow to invest in other projects, invest back into your business, or put more money in your pocket.
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At ELB Consulting, we take pride in over 20 years of industry experience by maximizing the tax deductions and depreciation opportunities for our clients. 
ELB has completed over 14,000 studies ranging in size from small office remodels to billion dollar high-tech manufacturing plants. Our skilled staff of cost segregation specialists uses the highest level of engineering methodology as defined by the I.R.S. to produce highly detailed, accurate, and defendable “fully engineered and accounted” cost segregation studies.

When comparing the I.R.S. Audit Techniques Guide methodologies, our cost segregation report format and methodology EXCEEDS the requirements of the Detailed Engineering Approach from Actual Cost Records or Detailed Engineering Cost Estimate Approach. 

Our team of experts has created the most detailed engineering methodology available in the industry. An ELB Cost Segregation Study will account for EVERY qualifying component (5, 7 and 15 year items) and non-qualifying component (39 year or 27.5 year items). Our study not only allows us to maximize depreciation by addressing components our competitors never consider, it provides our clients with a fixed asset tool
Other firms produce an “engineered based” study format (Survey or Letter, or Residual as defined by the I.R.S.) which can result in thousands and/or millions of dollars STILL LEFT ON THE TABLE.
Our unique study format is “Fully Engineered and Accounted” and provides the highest level study detail and tax benefits available to the client. This study format was developed for the following primary reasons:
  • Provide the most available tax benefits available to each client
  • Provide the most accurate and defendable engineered cost segregation study
  • Provide a study format that includes asset management and disposition features
  • ​Provide an unmatched study guarantee
  • ​Provides Full Audit Protection (indefinitely)
Quality Cost Segregation Studies, done with Integrity from a firm you can trust.
Every commercial real estate property should have a cost segregation study done.
Cost Segregation is a lucrative Tax Strategy for Commercial Building Owners
CostSeg America is your trusted partner
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